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Be informed. Begin by learning about the families who want to hire you, making sure there's a good fit between your abilities and their needs. What routines and special needs do the children have? What's allowed and what isn't? How should you handle discipline problems

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These awards are presented to companies in recognition of their outstanding commitment to exceptional standards in relationships to their consumers, employees, suppliers, competitors, shareholders, and surrounding communities.

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"The BBB seal has been a great in building customer trust. Many people used to call and ask if I was a real company. With the BBB seal customers can click on the link and go directly to our rating and membership status with the BBB. After I put the BBB seal on my site the phone calls stopped and sales increased."

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If you contribute, do not give cash. Make a check or money order out to the name of the charitable organization, not to an individual collecting the donation.

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3 Pointers for Choosing a Business to Start You've got a host of good business ideas. Now, how to figure out which one to start

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Home Court Advantage Starting from home was the right move for our 7 homebased young millionaires. Now they're netting sales in the millions, all before turning 40. Get a Grip! 5 tips to make your homebased startup journey a smooth one 12 Months to Startup Follow these 12 steps to have your business up and running in a year. Do You Have What It Takes to Work From Home? Consider these five key questions before you take the plunge.

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"Top 10 Home Business Opportunities" Searching for a hot home-based business opportunity? Then this list of the best home-based business opportunities may be just what you're looking for. These home-based business opportunities are the best because of their potential right now and because there's only going to be a growing demand for these products and services in the future.

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